For Your Listening Pleasure…Ten Percent Happier, a podcast with helpful resources

Until last year, I never could get hooked on any podcast; however, with a new baby and being awake at all hours of the night, I decided to give one a chance that was recommended through a Stanford Wellness series. Ten Percent Happier is a podcast hosted by Dan Harris, in which he often interviews leaders in the field of psychology and psychiatry. Many of these guests describe evidence-based techniques to work on yourself that often include a flavor of mindfulness. While the episodes are not a replacement for doing the actual work to improve your wellness, they certainly do introduce many valuable concepts and make a good launching point. I wanted to include some of my favorite episodes from my past year of listening to provide a taste of some very impactful concepts that are targeted toward wellness.  Please remember, while these episodes provide an introduction to the concepts, the end of the episodes usually provide resources where you can learn and practice more. Below are a list of a handful of episodes I found quite valuable. Links are attached to some of the more recent ones. For some reason, some do not have episode numbers listed. Enjoy, if you choose!

Podcast website:


Kryptonite for the Inner Critic with Kristin Neff

#310: The Scientific Case for Self-Compassion with Chris Germer

#360: Self-Compassion Ain’t Always Soft with Kristin Neff

Body Image:

The Anti-Diet with Evelyn Tribole

How To End The War With Your Body:

Time Management:

#318 A New Way To Think About Your Time with Ashley Whillans


#357: Strategies for Social Anxiety with Ellen Hendriksen

#356: Anxiety, Explained | Luana Marques


How To Outsmart Your Pain:

Vulnerability: The Key To Courage with Brene Brown

Making it Rain with Tara Brach **** (I teach this concept a lot with my patients; a way of practicing acceptance, especially of difficult emotions)

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